The Politicians

Lead Guitar-Vocals: Tim Armstrong
Bass Guitar-Vocals: Wa Kupa
Drums-Vocals: Doug Pepperell

Above L to R: Tim Armstrong - Paul Alderton - Paul Van Wering - Wa Kupa

Above L to R: (1984) Campbell Hapi - Donna Armstrong - Paul Alderton - Tim Armstrong - Paul Van Wering

"The politicians" 1981 - 1996  Managed by Alan Judd - One of NZs top bands of the 1980`s playing new wave/rock/reggae, toured New Zealand for 5 years working the brewery and club circuits - "The politicians" also released several original songs and an album called "Test Pattern"

"The Politicians" had different lineups over the years: Paul Van Wering (guitar/keyboard) (1983-1990s) - Campbell Hapi  (bass) (1984-1986) - Jeff Downey (drums) (1985-1990s) - Paul Alderton  (drums) (1982-1985) - Donna Armstrong (keyboards) (1984-1986) - Adrian Ellis (Bass) (1986-1990) - Lance Healey  (Bass) (1990) - Paul Krippner (sound) (1985-1990s) - Simon Elton (Bass) (1990s) - Laurence Arps (guitar) (1990s) - Corilin Steel (vocals) (1990s) - Kevin Smith (Drums) (1990s) - Liam Ryan (keyboards) - Ian Jeffries (guitar) (1986-1990) - Warren Williams (Bass) (1986 - 1988)..(Information and pictures C/- NZ Circuit Bands and Musicians)

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