The Kiwi Bandits

Lead Guitar-Vocals: Tim Armstrong
Bass Guitar: Lance Healey
Lead Guitar: Campbell Hapi
Drums: Paul Alderton

Above L to R:  Peter Matthews - Lance Healey - Paul Alderton - Tim Armstrong

Above L to R: John Clarke - Tim Armstrong - Lance Healey - Paul Alderton

"The Kiwi bandits" 1988 - 1997 covers band, also did a few originals.  Managed by Alan Judd  - The original line up was Tim Armstrong, Campbell Hapi, Lance Healey, Paul Alderton, Lance was replaced by Daryn Karaitiana. "The Kiwi Bandits" had a resident position at the Forge niteclub in Papakura for 3 years, John Clarke joined the band in 1989 - other members included Rik Bernards from "Knightshade", Peter Matthews, Warren Williams, Jon Louisson, Murray Fergusson and then Don McClumpha came in on Bass who is still with Tim Armstrong today  along with Alan Grady "Knightshade" on drums . "The Kiwi Bandits" played most all the venues from Taupo, Hamilton, Tauranga, The Mount, Whangarei, various Auckland haunts, also did a stint overseas..(Information and pictures C/- NZ Circuit Bands and Musicians).. Tim Armstrong was one of the original members of well known NZ band "The Politicians"

"The Tim Armstrong Band"