Midnight Drive

Lead Guitar-Piano-Vocals: Derek Jacombs
Lead Guitar-Vocals: Peter Matthews

Above Left to right: Derek Jacombs - Peter Matthews

"Midnight Drive" 1980 - 1983 A popular Lion Circuit Duo doing a mixture of music ranging from Rock through to blues - Pete and Derek also played tasty acoustic guitar/piano sets...(Information and pictures C/- ricko.co.nz NZ Circuit Bands and Musicians).

Below: "Midnight Drive" recorded two original songs written by Derek Jacombs - Recorded at "Crescendo Studios" Wellington 1981 - With Rick Warren (Rick & Gary) on drums and the studio tech guy on bass guitar (no rehearsal) the session went well with: "Two More Wasted Lives" and "Nothing Left in This Town"

Two More Wasted Lives

Nothing Left in this Town

Derek Jacombs still plays great music today with his band "Kokomo"