The Ravens

Lead Guitar: Tony de Jong
Bass Guitar: Alan Newlove
Rhythm Guitar: Garry Berryman
Drums: Evan "Butch" Berryman
Vocals: Judy Donaldson - Suzanne Donaldson

Above L to R: Garry Berryman - Suzanne Donaldson - Alan Newlove - Evan Berryman - Judy Donaldson - Tony de Jong

Above: Garry Berryman wrote - The Ravens.We won a talent quest that put The "Chicks" on the road to fame.(The bass player had run away from home).Tony de Jong was the boss.Young Suzanne(14) went on to sing with Cat Stevens and Charles Aznavour so I hear.

"The Ravens" 1964 - A young group featuring Suzanne and Judy Donaldson later to be discovered by Peter Posa and named "The Chicks", The Ravens were active during 1964-1965, too young to play at licensed venues the group performed at talent quests, Redwood Park Swanson (indoors and outdoors) plus the Carousel coffee lounge Henderson and a few communty events.(Information and pictures C/- NZ Circuit Bands and Musicians)

A bit of the bands history - Ron Riddell "Original Sun Blues Band" brother of Allister Riddell "Space Waltz" was at some stage sitting in on the drums, Tony de Jong was previously playing lead guitar with the "Starlights" -  after "the Ravens" disbanded in 1965 Tony went on to play lead guitar in an outfit named "Beats Incorporated" - Garry Berryman went on to play solo guitar in the Auckland Folk music scene.(Information and pictures C/- NZ Circuit Bands and Musicians)