The Heritage

Vocals: Vern Park
Rythm/Lead Guitar: Mark Loeffen
Rhythm/Lead Guitar-vocals: Fred Kradolfer
Bass Guitar: Martin Brooks
Drums: Rick Warren

Above L to R:  Rick Warren - Fred Kradolfer - Martin Brooks - Mark Loeffen - Vern Park - - Easter 1967 taken by Leicagraph Studios 87 Worchester St

Above:  Benny Levins Battle of the Bands 1969 L to R: Mark Loeffen - Vern Park - Rick Warren - Martin Brooks - Fred kradolfer

Above:  Pic taken by Major L Tonkin LTD - 22-03-1968 at the Sumner Causeway Hall Christchurch

"The Heritage"  This band played around Christchurch Youth Clubs mid to Late 1960`s - Started as a 4 piece unit with Vern Park Vocals,  Martin Brooks Bass, Mark Loeffen Lead Guitar,  Rick Warren Drums - Later Fred Kradolfer came in on rhythm/lead Guitar/Vocals - Late in 1969 the band changed its name to "Destruction"...(Information and pictures C/- NZ Circuit Bands and Musicians)

After "The Heritage" disbanded early 1970 Mark Loeffen and Vern Park teamed up with the popular Canterbury band "Soul Distinction".

Mark Loeffen went on to play in a band who played at the "Sandrich" ( Sydenham Christchurch) backing Bob Manawatu. Then Later in 1975 Mark Joined a band named "Gretal" playing at the Marine Hotel in Sumner, he then moved to Hamilton and carried on gigging.

Fred Kradolfer and Martin Brooks went on to play in Christchurch Band "Cage"

Rick Warren went to Auckland 1970 to Join the popular Auckland band "Amber"