The Gamblers

Lead Guitar-Vocals: Mike Hannant
Bass Guitar: Len Monk
Rhythm Guitar-Vocals: Royce Burrell
Drums-Vocals: Lester Dempster

Above: The Gamblers at the first Battle Of The Bands Auckland YMCA

Above: Mike Hannant singing with Maurice Greer`s band the "Four Fours" mid 1960s

"The Gamblers" 1965 - 1967  A band formed by Mike Hannant doing the Club and function scene in Auckland - A commercial band doing all the popular covers of the day..(Information and pictures C/- NZ Circuit Bands and Musicians) Mike Hannant went on to form the band "Friar Tuck" (1973) with different lineups during it`s time with Rick Warren - drums, John "Dylan" Taite - drums, John Arrol - Lead Guitar, Steve Sutcliffe - Bass Guitar, Tony Middeldorp - Lead Guitar, Gordon Joll - Drums, Graeme Cosgrove - Drums, Mike Hannant - Vocals, .

Friar Tuck"used to back Ray Woolf on many an occasion. Mike Hannant also started his own company "Spotlight Promotions", Mike also worked at Atwaters Music repairs through the 1970`s, he still repairs musical instruments today (2010) including amplifier circuitry - refretting guitars etc.

Sadly Lester Dempster "The Gamblers" drummer passed away June 5th 2009

Mike Hannant passed away 2nd October 2022 who is missed by his family and friends.