Hot Ash

Lead Guitar-Vocals: Rod McAuley
Bass Guitar-Vocals: Pauline McAuley
Keyboards-Vocals: Marcia Howearth
Drums-Vocals: Gordon Joll

"Hot Ash"  1974 - 1978, a hugely popular band holding down a long term residency at the Thoroughbred Taven in Takanini Auckland - playing a wide range of music including all the top hits of the time, the groups four part male female harmonies made the sound outstanding.

"Hot Ash" also did NZ tours for the Lion Brewery Circuit.

"Hot Ash" was one the first bands for Gordon Joll who went on to become one of NZs top drummers who has worked with Hello Sailor, Herbs, Satellite Spies, Joe Walsh and many more, Gordon is still gigging today (2010) TV work, sessions, etc...(Information and pictures C/- NZ Circuit Bands and Musicians)