The Quincy Conserve

1973 Lineup

Lead Guitar: Paul Clayton
Lead Guitar - Vocals: Malcolm Hayman
Bass Guitar-Vocals: Murray Loveridge
Keyboards: Peter Blake
Drums: Billy Brown
Trombone: Rodger Fox
Trumpet: Geoff Culverwell

Above: Left to Right:  Billy Brown - Malcolm Hayman - Peter Blake - Rodger Fox - Paul Clayton - Geoff Culverwell- Murray Loveridge

Thanks to Murray Loveridge for Pictures and Info - The Above Poster is taken from a picture of the Band leader Malcolm Hayman`s mouth.

"The Quincy Conserve" One of New Zealands top bands. Worked for many years on the brewery circuits, clubs, concerts, also had a residency at Wellington`s Lion Tavern in Molesworth St.

Former Lineups: Dave Orams (Bass Guitar) - Rufus Rehu (Keyboards) - Johnny McCormick (Saxophone) - Dennis Mason (Saxophone) - Brian Beauchamp (Drums) - Bruno Lawrence (Drums)..(Information and pictures C/- NZ Circuit Bands and Musicians)

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