Lead Guitar-Vocals: Billy Heremaia
Rhythm Guitar-Vocals: AJ
Bass Guitar-Vocals: Kerry Selwyn
Drums-Vocals: Rick Warren

Above Left to Right: Rick - Kerry - AJ - Billy


Above Left to Right: Sel Nash - Bill Heremaia - Bill Patience - Lou Walters - Charlie Tumahai - The Columbians - Playing at the Jive Centre Auckland 1964 - Bill Heremaia later went on to form "Shade" band

"SHADE" 1973 - 1975  Road  Band + Auckland residencies (Te Atatu Tavern)(Royal George Tavern Newmarket) good time band, Played a wide range of cruisey type music as well as rock n roll, with good four part vocal harmonies - Rick Warren went on to form "City Limits" band. -  "Shade"  Recorded live in Rotorua 1975 on old mono cassette recorder Below: "SHADE LIVE" Mono..(Information and pictures C/- NZ Circuit Bands and Musicians)