Lead Guitar: Mark Wenski / Mike Everard
Rhythm Guitar: Kevin Aro
Vocals: Dennis / Gordon Wilson / Karen O`Brien / Steve Sutcliffe
Bass Guitar: Steve Sutcliffe / Lloyd Williams
Drums: Gordon Wilson
Piano: Karen O`Brien

"Requiem" a touring band based in Auckland 1976 - 1978 ,  Manager Dan Cross - Played most Auckland Pubs and frequently toured. Requiem had many personnel changes over the years with the mainstay being Gordon Wilson. - Below two demo songs of Requiem in action (Karen O`Brien Vocals - Gordon Wilson backing vocals)..(Information and pictures C/- NZ Circuit Bands and Musicians)

Requiem Track 1

Requiem Track 2

Gordon Wilson Went on to play in the band "The Screaming Henchmen" Pictured below: Gordon Wrote--"Mikey on Lead Guitar and Vocals, Me on Drums and Vocals, John on 2nd Lead Guitar, Harmonica and Lead Vocals and Alex on Bass (the very best bass player I've ever worked with). Taken at a friends BBQ, with us playing in the garage. It was a hellishly hot day. Thank God for pedestal fans...(Information and pictures C/- NZ Circuit Bands and Musicians)

Henchmen Track 1

Henchmen Track 2

Above: two demo tracks by "The Screaming Henchmen"