Lead Guitar-Vocals: Lou Pihama
Lead Vocals: Beverly Stokman
Bass Guitar-Vocals: Wilbert Stokman
Drums-Vocals: Paul Tahoma

Above: 1979 - LPG (Lou Pihama Group) at the Lion Tavern (Gardens) Dunedin

"LPG" Lou Pihama Group 1978 - 1979. A great band who pulled the crowds where-ever they played, Lou Pihama on lead guitar one of the top NZ guitarists who sadly passed away several years back. The group played around the Dunedin area - Lou Pihama spent 5 years working for the Lion Brewery Circuit during the 1980`s - LPG played mainly disco, Donna Summer, Earth Wind and Fire, etc..(Information and pictures C/- ricko.co.nz NZ Circuit Bands and Musicians)