Friar Tuck

Lead Guitar: Tony Middeldorp
Vocals: Mike Hannant / Steve Sutcliffe / Rick Warren
Bass Guitar: Steve Sutcliffe
Drums:Rick Warren / Dylan Taite

Above L to R : Mike Hannant - Tony Middeldorp - Steve Sutcliffe - Rick Warren

"Friar Tuck"  1973 - Middle of the road band playing around Auckland pubs and PVT functions - Basically was a reformation of "Tanglewood" when Rick Warren joined on drums the name changed to "Friar Tuck" - Mike Hannant was the leader and gig getter through his company Spotlight Promotions - Worked hard played hard!...real fun band! Sadly Mike Hannant passed away 2nd October 2022..(Information and pictures C/- NZ Circuit Bands and Musicians)

Above Mike Hannant, the maestro of fun passed away 2nd October 2022, missed by ALL, Rock On Mike.