Classic Affair

Lead Guitar: Peter Timperley
Lead Vocals: Reggie Ruka
Bass Guitar: Reggie Ruka - Billy Williams
Organ: Pat Pukeroa - Bob Patient - Keith Murch
Drums: Peter Topp

Above: "Classic Affair" 1968  L to R: Reggie Ruka - Peter Timperely - Peter Topp - Keith Murch - Billy Williams

Above : "Classic Affair" at The Monaco Night Spot Auckland  1969

Above: 1970 L to R  Peter Timperely - Bob Patient - Reggie Ruka - Peter Topp - Billy Williams

"Classic Affair" - originally known as "Classik Affair", formed in Whangarei November 1968., they were constructed by a local top-dressing pilot with time on his hands. Reggie Ruka was previously working as a solo artist.

The band moved to Auckland in January 1969 by this time Keith Murch had replaced Pat Pukeroa on organ. When Reggie Ruka quit bass to concentrate on vocals Billy Williams was recruited from "Omnibus". Soon after Keith Murch quit, his replacement Bob Patient came from the recently disbanded "Green and Yellow".

"Classic Affair" released a 45 and soon after that split up in 1970.- Reggie Ruka went on to play in Australia and later came back to NZ and formed "The Ruka Brothers". Peter Topp passed away in 1993. Peter Timperley was later in "The Dallas Four", "Karma" and "Uncle Remus". Billy Williams formed "Space Farm", then teamed up with "Freedom Express", "Blerta" and the reformed "Ticket" before relocating to Sydney, where he played in "Band Of Light". He also spent a couple of years in England in a band called "Slipstream" with Ticket's vocalist Trevor Tombleson...(Information and pictures C/- NZ Circuit Bands and Musicians).

Photos and information supplied by Billy Williams