Guitar-Vocals: Mike Griffin - Lance Su'a
Bass Guitar-Vocals: Graham (Jamie) James
Keyboards-Vocals: Mike Miers - Steve Wildbore
Saxophone: John McCormick
Trombone: Roger Fox
Trumpet: Trevor Prout - Mike Booth
Drums: Wayne Simpson - Phil Knipe + vocals)

Above: "Soundproof" Mike Griffin - Graham (Jamie) James  - Wayne Simpson - Trevor Prout - Mike Miers - John McCormick

Above: "SP2" (Soundproof2) Resident at The Awapuni Hotel - Mike Griffin - Graham (Jamie) James - Steve Wildbore - Roger Fox - Phil Knipe - Mike Booth - Lance Su'a (in front)

"Soundproof" was a Palmerston North band who had residencies in many hotels, became well known for it`s big fat sound - With a name change in 1983 became SP2 (Soundproof 2)

Sound Proof 84

Above Video: Recorded at The Awapuni Hotel, Palmerston North, 17th November 1984 - Roger Fox-Trombone, Mike Booth-Trumpet, Paul Norman-Trumpet, Mike Griffin-Vocals, Jamie-Bass/Vocals, Phil Knipe-Drums/Vocals, Lance Su'a-Guitar, Steve Wildbore-Keyboards/Vocals)