Guitars/Vocals: John Arrol - Peter Ashton
Bass Guitar: John Drake
Keyboards-Vocals: Corrine Hansell
Drums: Graeme Cosgrove

Above L to R: John Drake - John Arrol - Graeme Cosgrove - Corrine Hansell - Peter Ashton

Above: Graeme Cosgrove

Above: John Arrol

Above: Corrine Hansell - Peter Ashton

Above: John Drake

Snooz 1974-1976 Played mostly Hollies and Wings material with specialty on harmonies, was also featured in the Herald as being NZ’s Hollies!. Snooz  played the Auckland pub scene and often private functions at licensed restaurants. Finally broke up when rhythm guitarist Peter Ashton left to go to England - John Arrol went on to form a band named "Showdown" - Below a sound sample of Snooz. .