Lion Brewery Acts 1979 - 1985

Special thanks to ,Richard Holden, Ernie Garnier, Aline Denton, Paul Scarfe of Lion Breweries for making the Lion Circuit possible. These were truly the glory days for NZ musicians who could sign up on six monthly renewable contracts with a steady regular income way above the rates of the average worker...(Information and pictures C/- NZ Circuit Bands and Musicians)

Above Contracted to Lion Breweries: Simon Hanny - John and Paul - Fire and Ice - Mike McGregor - Rick and Gary - Delmar - Tony Bee - Simplicity - Tony Crawford - KB Glider - Dawson Rata - Becky Bush - Shiner - Al Santos - Lou Pihama - Doc Savage - Sunday Driver.

Above letter from Lion Brewery Entertainment Managers 1982


Above:  Kevin Schwass Manager Poenamo, all of the Acts agree Kevin was one of the best most hospitable managers to work for on the old Lion Circuit, with a great sense of humour and a good attitude towards the musicians - Kudos to you Kev!