Kelly and Friend

Piano-Vocals: Kelly Levy
Keyboards: Len Fifield

"Kelly and Friend" 1974 - 2000 This group was formed by Len Fifield, resident at the Abel Tasman Hotel Wellington for 10 years, also the group fronted a concert at the St James in Wellington 1978 when they opened for The "Manhatten Transfer" using Rob Winch on Bass guitar.

In 1984 they started another residency at the Angus Inn in for 2 years then worked the Lion Brewery Circuit for 4 years followed by numerous clubs for 6 years - From 1975 the group were fully professional until 1987, during that time they did numerous TV shows and radio, produced and sold two albums "Memories" and "Moods" - "Kelly and Friend" played wide variety of venues until they broke up in 2000.

"Kelly and Friend" used several different drummers over the years, Grenville Johnston, Johnathan Mayhew, Grant Houston, George Magoulis, Graham Hill, Mel Burkholme. (Info By Len Fifield