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John & Paul

Above: John - Monty (the Dog) - Paul

John & Paul Arrived N.Z. from the U.K. 1978 for Lion Breweries (Richard Holden & Ernie Garnier were in charge now both deceased.)

Built up a solid following over the first 6 month stint. Ended up travelling to and from the U.K. no less than 13 times in 8 years!!

John & Paul ended up owning two sets of equipment one kept in New Zealand and one in the U.K.

We were given probably the very first Roland mc 500 sequencer by Roland which of course no one knew how to use and in those days polyphonic keyboards were incredibly expensive. However moving right along with Paul Crowthers help we managed to conquer and became pretty good at programming.(Half a day to learn the song, 5 days to programme!!)

We covered all eras of music and our live show consisted of about 30% original material. We appeared on Hudson & Halls and the Ray Wolf show here in N.Z. and Hey Hey it's Saturday in Australia.

We worked for Carlton and United Breweries in Australia and they even sent us back to the U.K. to open Fosters pubs in London claiming that we were from Australia.. We also went back to the U.K. for Lion and booked a few more acts to come and perform on the L.B. circuit.

Written By Paul Scarfe March 2014