Blue Flame

Bass Guitar: Bill Haagh
Lead Guitar: Tony de Jong
Vocals: Tony de Jong
Drums: Alan Stevens - Ron Campbell

Above Left: Ron Campbell - Bill Haagh - Tony de Jong

Above: 'Blue Flame' playing at the Grand Hotel, Helensville, November 2, 1968. From left Bill Haagh - Tony de Jong - Ron Campbell.

Written By Tony de Jong - 2022

Above image "Blue Flame" Ron Campbell, Bill Haagh and Tony de Jong playing at the 25th wedding anniversary celebration of Tony de Jong's parents in some forgotten Henderson hall, 1968.

By the time this photo (right) was taken at the Grand Hotel in Helensville, Blue Flame might have been playing under their new name "Delane Lee" (after a UK recording studio). The drumkit that is visible appears to be that of Alan Stevens. At least four different drummers played with the band during several appearances at the Grand and elsewhere.

To arrange for the band to appear at the Grand Hotel and confirm a booking required making a phone call from Henderson to Helensville, a toll call in those days that involved the services of a telephone operator.The phone number was Helensville 1 which invariably made the operator crack up or believe it was a prank.