AMBER Band Gigs

 Above "Amber" Taking a break at gig

Above: A bit of comedy drawn up many years ago

Above: Old Newspaper article on Mollers Barn where "Amber" used to practice and play many a gig in the early 1970`s.

Bill Moller was one of those characters larger than life. In the 70s and 80s the chances are you knew the west (West Auckland) by the extrovert mayor Tim Shadbolt and the parties, functions and corperate events in the wild west at Mollers Barn. In those days, and they seem so distant, there were great party throwers around Auckland - the painter Charlie McPhee threw three day events and 1000 people turned up. And then there was Bill Moller who ran a barn in Carter Road as a function centre. But it wasn`t just that. The Barn was a showcase for music western and rock, Bills network was amazing. Every visiting rock star seemed to find their way to Mollers Barn, often in the company of Mayor Tim.

Genuine West Auckland Cowboy. Source of Article Western Leader, 27 June 2008: Description Obituary for 87 year-old West Auckland socialite Bill Moller. Mollers barn in Cochrane road was the scene of many festivals and events from the 1960`s until 1985.

Some of the Venues "Amber" used to work along with some of the Acts "Amber" worked with:  Waiheke Island Memorial Hall Ostend - Freds Place Onehunga - Thunderbird Valley Inn Glenfield -  Birkenhead Inn -  Pakatoa Island Resort - Fullers Entertainment (Glenn Tabuteau) -  Dave Cowell - Ida Edwards - Chic Littlewood - Guy Cater - Marie Harris - Country Road Band - Mollers Barn - Masonic Hotel Devonport - Masomic Tavern Devonport - Tijuana Club Onehunga.

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